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1Pick a Size

Use our size estimator to get an approximate idea of the space that you may need. We also recommend that you pay us a visit and let us help you pick the right size for you.


Take a few minutes to sign our straight forward and very flexible service agreement, receive your access code and simply move your goods into your private storage unit. We will be delighted to lend you a helping hand, free of charge!

3Lock-up and Go

Lock your storage unit knowing that your goods are kept safe from theft, flooding, snow, cold and humidity.

4Full Access

You can visit your storage unit 24-Hours a day all year round, as many times as you wish free of charge. Your space is an extension to your home or business.

Our Services


Whether you are traveling abroad for a limited period of time, moving homes, re-decorating or simply because you need a safe place to store unused belongings, we can provide you with that extra bit of space.

Enjoy total access and peace of mind.


Dozens of companies already trust us, we cater to a wide variety of small businesses, start-ups NGO's, embassies and multinationals. No long-term commitment, no utility bills and round-the-clock security.

Your smartest business move yet!


We offer a large array of packing supplies at our facilities, whether you have rented a space with us, or you just need to do some packing on your own, we stock everything you need to contain and protect your goods.

We help you keep it safe.


Let us help you organize the transport of your goods to our facility through one of our trusted logistics partners. Together, we will help determine how much space and what type of packing logistics you will need.

Easy and Stress-free!

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You can use our Size Estimator in order to get an approximate idea of the size that you will need. We also recommend that you come and visit us to tour our facilities, meet our staff and determine the precise size of unit you need..

If you would like to receive a price quotation right away, please fill out the information and one of our representatives will contact you